Pool enclosed by screen

Pool Screen Enclosures

Although Pool Screen Enclosures are significant extensions of your home, they also enhance the appearance and value of your home as well. Although similar in nature, each Screen Enclosure requires an assessment of its condition as to determine the estimated costs associated with the appropriate repairs. In some cases, it may make more sense to have your Enclosure re-screened as to avoid chasing minor repairs over a long period of time, significantly increasing the overall costs.

Pool Screen Enclosures enclose pools of different sizes, anywhere from a small wading type pool to pools the size of an entire backyard. The larger the pool, the larger the Pool Screen Enclosure will be. Not only would the width and length be larger but the height would increase as well. So, as the saying goes, “safety first” comes into play.

In order to successfully complete a Pool Screen Enclosure repair or re-screening, additional equipment, tools and materials may be needed. Such as, scaffolding, walk boards, extension ladders and other equipment may be required for the safety of your home and our installers.

Whether you are in need of repairing one screen panel or an entire re-screening of your Pool Screen Enclosure…We got you covered!

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Patio Screen Enclosures

Patio Screen Enclosures consist of screened walls only and do not typically require extra or additional equipment to successfully complete the repair. However, there are other considerations in repairing or re-screening a Patio Screen Enclosure. Typically speaking, a Patio Screen Enclosure is located at ground level however, in some cases it could be on the 2nd floor, or, for that matter, a 3rd or higher floor. Should this be the case then additional equipment would be required to successfully repair or re-screen a Patio Screen Enclosure.

Patio Screen Enclosures require a professional Assessment by a trained specialist with the credentials to know what would be appropriate in repairing or re-screening your Screen Enclosure. We Got You Covered! At Assured Screens and Repair, our estimators are trained to help you make an educated decision in repairing or re-screening your Patio Screen Enclosure.

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Oh, those pesky little bugs that seem to find their way into your Screen Enclosure and bug you to no end. As pesky as they are, there is a solution. No-see-ums can ruin a family gathering around the pool, a night of entertaining or a quiet evening watching the sunset. They aren’t too smart though and with a little effort, we can make them go away. Well, at least make it seem as though they have gone away.

No-see-ums are ground dwellers, they come up out of the ground and find their way through your screen enclosure, intruding in the very space you’ve created for your own personal enjoyment. Assured Screen and Repair recommends installing a “20x20” screen instead of the standard “18x14” screen. The holes in the screen are smaller, square and the no-see-ums cant climb through them.

If you so choose, we will install 20x20 screen over your entire screen enclosure however, we suggest only 20x20 screen on the walls and 18x14 over the top because, as we mentioned earlier, they aren’t too smart and don’t think to go up above the walls to come through the screened roof. Not too mention, the savings by only screening the walls with the 20x20 screen instead of the entire Enclosure.

Do you have pestering NO-SEE-UMS? Well, Call Us today and NO-SEE-UM no more!

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Frames/Hardware & Hurricane Kits

When exposed to weather elements, even the very best products succumb to wear, tear and fatigue. Anchor bolts, screws, bolt caps and door hardware all at some point need attention. Assured Screens and Repair stocks all our trucks with the necessary hardware to assure the strength of your structure is secure and its integrity is not jeopardized.

As the weather elements take its toll on the framework of your screen enclosure, the paint begins to fade and in some cases, literally peel right off the surface. This is typical with most painted surfaces that remain exposed around the clock. Replacing the frame of your Screen Enclosure can be quite costly. This is why Assured Screens and Repair offers painting services for our customers. Faded or peeling frames can be a real eye sore, let Assured Screens and Repair give your Enclosure a fresh new look to go along with the newly replaced screen. Your neighbors will think you had a whole new Screen Enclosure installed.

Residents of the state of Florida, from St Johns County to Sarasota County and for that matter, just about every County in the state are well aware that we get more than our fair share of Hurricane threats. Securing your Screen Enclosures with our custom Hurricane Kits, is simply smart in the threat of ongoing Hurricanes.

Considering all Screen Enclosures are unique to your home, a Specialist needs to Assess the design, material used and location of your Screen Enclosure to determine the Hurricane Kit best suited for your specific needs.

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You’ll be rest Assured when the next Hurricane decides to threaten the State of Florida.

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